AVID (Awaken Village Interest in Dance) – Informal Folk Dance

9th October 2019 @ 20:00 – 22:45
Peter Barnard
01427 873 937

Awaken Village Interest in Dance  – or AVID  as it is locally and affectionately known – is a community based organisation which aims to increase involvement in folk dancing and playing. It is very successful.
The dances are very informal.

There is:

  • No band booked, instead, anyone who wants to play can do so.
  • No amplification; this means that the dance is ready to organise, and no-one is daunted by a PA.
  • An emphasis on having fun.

The dances are normally held on the second Wednesday evening of each month (the only exception being a move to the second Tuesday if a hall is not available).

The dances run from 8pm to 10.45pm which gives us time for about 10-12 dances and a finishing time to accommodate those with jobs the next day.

Date reviewed: 6.9.19